-Are your templates compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Most of our templates are compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements. If you come across a template that you are not able to open in PS Elements, send me a message and let me know!

-I’m not into this. Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the product, and the fact that you have instant access to download everything, refunds are not available. I encourage you to download some of my freebies and try them out before you sign up for premium membership if you aren't yet convinced that DailyDesignables is right for you... I know you'll come around! ;)

-What happens when I cancel?

When you cancel, your premium membership will end and you won't be billed again. You will still get to download premium resources until your paid period ends. For example, if you started your membership on June 1 but cancelled on June 15, you would still be able to download premium resources until July 1. Even if you cancel your subscription, your account will be still live. You can login, manage your affiliate settings and eventually subscribe again.

-Speaking of canceling, how do I do that?

There are no hostages on this site! You can cancel anytime from  your paypal account. Here's what you do: Go to the Paypal website and login. Then, go to My Account > Profile > Recurring Payment Dashboard. Here you can cancel Daily Designables subscription (Action: Cancel). The amazing thing is you get to keep any templates you have downloaded already! We're pretty sweet like that. 

-Is my billing info safe?

Oh yeah! Paypal has some of the best security features and protection for online payments and you can cancel anytime!

-What payments do you accept?

Paypal baby! We're all about keeping transactions safe and secure. You can pay with a paypal account or ANY major credit card. It's easy peasy!

-I’m a premium member but not able to download any premium resources?

Now THIS is a problem, please contact me at help [at] dailydesignables.com and I will reply as soon as possible. Office hours are M-F from 9-5 EST. Most questions or concerns are replied to within 24 hours, usually a lot faster and the same business day.

-How do I customize your templates?

All of the templates are provided in PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format, so you will need that program as well as a basic knowledge of how to use it. The photoshop templates are Mac/PC compatible, but you DO need your own copy of the program and a working knowledge of the software. I don't offer photoshop support, but there are many resources online to help you learn. 

-I just subscribed. How do I download a template?

Yeehaw! Let's get started! Simply browse the site and click on the download button next to any template you like. If you are not logged in, it will prompt you to do so.

-Can I send in any suggestions?

ABSOLUTELY! There is nothing more I like than feedback from members and even non-members. I can't deliver you what you want unless you tell me, so don't be shy... let me know what you want to see next! There's no excuse not to be a member and be a part of this unique site. If you don't see what you want, send me a message to requests [at] dailydesignables.com or even better, drop by my Facebook Page and tell me what you need! I am on every social media ever day, listening and waiting for feedback, so say hi and let me know what you want!

-Is this pricing for real? I just saw other sites selling single templates for $10 and up and bundles for close to $100!

Yes, it's real and it's spectacular! I wanted to have a site that is completely unique, that delivers the type of HIGH END, quality templates you would expect to see on some of the very expensive sites, but at a price everyone can afford. I like to think Daily Designables is the best of both worlds: we provide unlimited downloads, but with the same quality templates as the sites charging $100 a bundle!

-How often do you release new templates?

I add new, premium templates each week. In the past, I focused more on numbers, but these days now that my catalogue is grown quite large, I'm focusing on premium designs and larger product packs. It's all about delivering quality, truly useful templates at a price point that any photographer or blogger can afford.

-What can I do with your templates?

You can use them to create designs for personal or professional use, for yourself or your clients. You can print the designs, share them online, use them in a blog, make photo design projects, really the only limit is your imagination. One important note though, you can't resell or give away any of the actual photoshop templates. You need to flatten your files before you deliver them to your clients. Also, you can't use any of the components to create your own templates for resale. This also means no giving your login and letting someone else download designs from your account or sending them the files. I work very hard to make the best possible product at the lowest possible price, so tell your friends about Daily Designables, but let them get their own account. :) It's so affordable anyway! You really can't beat that!

-Can I really download ALL of the photographer member access templates for one low price?

Absolutely! As soon as you join Daily Designables, you have instant access to every single one of the member access photographer templates, which are carefully crafted and easy-to-use. The sidebar on the left side shows ALL of the categories of the member access area and you are able to download ANYTHING and EVERYTHING within those brackets. There are no limits, and there are already HUNDREDS of premium templates in the member access.