​Hi there and welcome to my site. Here’s a little info in case you’re wondering who the heck is running this show over here. In general, this would be where you’d find a cute headshot and perhaps some photos of my ‘favorite things’ such as high heels and other girly things… :) However, you’re more likely to find me in some jeans, t-shirt and a pair of converse trying my best to travel to lots of places and have lots of adventures. I’m happiest living out of a suitcase and being a vagabond. I love Champions League football, I support Juventus F.C (Andrea Pirlo) and Glasgow Rangers, as well as being a loyal Miami Heat fan since I moved to Miami Beach in 2006. In recent news, my little side project, a fundraiser for a dear friend with stage 4 cancer has been making some headlines, so that’s really exciting and we raised enough money to send him on a little trip (but we are hoping to send him on a grand one). Well, enough about me, you’re here for the templates anyway! Speaking of templates...

I really, REALLY love making beautiful templates, interacting with members and making this site the best possible site it can be (with one person doing everything hehe). I’m trying to carve out a little spot on the web where I can peddle my wares and my goal is to bring REALLY wonderful, beautiful and useful design to photographers and designers of all kinds at a really reasonable price. (Come on now, you know this deal is AMAZEBALLS!) I’m working like a madwoman every day to try and get this site known to more people, so if you’re feeling generous and like the products here, feel free to spread the good word! 

Thanks for dropping by!
xx Jessica